One of the greatest aims for painters is the cultivation of sight, and it requires the constant development of perception to see keenly. Our workshops are designed to enhance personal expression through the development of both the formal and conceptual narrative as a response to the perceptual moment. You will be encouraged to work hard and to maintain a high level of professionalism. Available for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students.

Upcoming Classes

There are currently no upcoming classes.

Past classes

06/08/17 to 06/11/17

Charleston, SC

Downtown Charleston
Rainbow Row
The Battery
Fort Sumter


Thursday June 8th: Painting outdoors at The Battery. 
Friday June 9th: Painting outdoors at Rainbow Row.
Saturday June 10th: Painting outdoors at Fort Sumter.
Sunday June 11th: Painting outdoors at Downtown Charleston.
$425 - Workshop open
This workshop will focus on painting outdoors with various approaches to perceptual painting through observation. Painting constructs of reality is a process that is deliberate and spontaneous; revealing truths that are full of surprise! You will be introduced to concepts and processes that will aid you in creating imagery: color and spatial structures, arrangement and function of shape, movement, surface, and connectivity and visual synthesis. This 4- day oil painting workshop is intended for intermediate to advanced painters.
06/21/18 to 06/24/18

Williamsburg, VA
Williamsburg Historic District

Day 1 - Color spots
Day 2 - Alternating Spaces
Day 3 - In the Details
Day 4 - Figure in, Figure Out
$425 - Workshop currently open for enrollment

This workshop will focus on landscape painting in the Historic Disctrict of Williamsburg, VA. We will explore a variety of ideas that originate while painting from observation such as visual connectivity, location and placement, moving parts, image construction, alternating spaces, and color. Painting from observation is an opportunity to participate in something that is phenomenological; an engaging process that is strange and surprising! This 4-day oil painting workshop is intended for intermediate and advanced painters.

David CampbellBrian Rego