Curated by: 
Matt Ballou
Thursday, January 22, 2015 to Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Cade Center for Fine Arts
Ann Arundel Community College
101 College Parkway
Arnold, MD 21012

Perceptual painters do, in some sense, have a mannered approach to their work. The mannerism is related to their sensing and becoming increasingly aware of the visual character of sensing light, form, color, focus, and space; these are the core subject matter of the perceptual painter. An area of light may become as dense and impenetrable as stone. A solid form may be seen as diaphanous as atmospheric space. These are but two examples of the syncopated intersubjectivity of our senses. 
The focus of this exhibition is object studies - perhaps singular, perhaps in tableau - that are aimed not at the slavish presentation of the appearance of objects but rather find their true subject in the scanning, flashing, point-to-point-yet-all-over arrangement of visual and material phenomena. These works move beyond the notational or the schematic to embrace an experiential subjectivity.
 -Matt Ballou