07/21/19 to 07/27/19
Bennington College, 1 College Dr, Bennington, VT 05201

A painting is a construct. Painters use a combination of color, value, and mark making to organize the surface of a work. In this workshop we explore ways to create complex paintings that describe the dichotomy of two different spaces: intimate (near) and immense (far). Using subjects as varied as a view of a still life versus the back of a room, the interior of a studio versus the space outside a window or door, and the space under an awning versus the landscape beyond, we work with the concept of painting within the form versus painting outside the form to effectively make the dichotomy successful.

Instruction will emphasize color mixing and color’s relationship to value. Helpful principles of drawing, composition, and paint handling approaches will also be discussed. Lectures focus on contemporary and historic painters who use shifts in tone to separate one space from another.

For more information and to register please follow this link: http://ane.massart.edu/week_two/interiors-painting-the-intimate-and-immense/